Recycling of Life

von Antje Schupp

Premiere Februar 2024 Kaserne Basel

Konzept / Regie / Performance: Antje Schupp
Ausstattung: Christoph Rufer
Video Work: Ayman Nahle
Technik & Licht: Thomi Kohler
Produktion: Annina Birrer, produktionsDOCK

Life is a tune you cannot predict.
It's like a smart composition.
Always keeping you in the loop and the unknown how and where it will evolve to.
You may be thinking you know for sure what's going to happen next, but as they say:
"Life is happening while you're busy making other plans".
So fuck plans.

Your plans eventually don't work out and life's music eventually ends before expected.
Its sound fades away, cuts off or turns into a soft crackle, a silence filled by the last note.

And that's what you will have been in the universe:
A soft crackle.
A piece of matter slowly turning into dust.
Nothing new. Bible talk.
Mankind's struggle with its own finity is as old as mankind itself. Get over it, man.

Video Stills from ©Ayman Nahle's "The haunting disapearance"